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Any launch is such an exciting time as it allows celebration after months of working on an idea behind the scenes and then finally introducing it to the world. Whether you are launching a space or product, the anticipation is always great.

Launches bring with them many areas of consideration hence the general inclusion of a Planner to ensure all bases are covered. The Clients Brand needs to be incorporated into the very fibre of the event with the Clientele or Guest list top of mind. With this in mind, the perfect concept is created for a flawless look and feel ensuring the blank canvas that is the venue is the star of the show.

Branded Gifting is always a plus as it not only ensures guests feel pampered, it also showcases your Brand for days to come in places you may not necessarily have had access to. Keeping gifts practical and relative to the Brand or event is key, as well as when dispensed at the event to ensure guests are either able to utilise the gift at the Event or have an exciting Take-Home.

The eagerness and anticipation of a launch is infectious and this is why the 2iC Team have a special fondness for these types of events. Contact us should you have an upcoming launch and be in need of a 2iC!

The 2iC Team recently ventured to Johannesburg to launch a new venue to over one thousand guests – have a look at the images to follow!